Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Secret Parade

Hi everyone
Today my post is not be written by me. It is written by my dear friend Sarah Saghir. She loves to write poems and I asked her to publish her latest poem on my blog and she said yes.

So enough with the talking and lets read her poem

A secret parade,
you steered feelings my way.
Infatuation navigated to my space,
triggered by your elements,
that could reach depths underneath this skin,
like water when drunk, sunlight when felt,
and wind when inhaled.
a smile more refreshing than a gentle wind,
pilfering glimpses taking my breath away,
sizzling presence, triggering wetness between the legs.
All sparked with late night conversations
and long captivating hand shakes,
soon later bursted into love flames,
crackling kisses on my cheeks laid,
leaving them love-baked.
scented hugs magnetize me to your ribcage,
all happens in dark shades,
in disguise, hidden dates,
feelings veiled from them pupils and her iris,
marching, marching on his lanes through my veins,
we're supposed to be responsible for our hormones, emotions and mind state,
these feelings drag us, instead we must operate - them,
but since when- was I ever the circuit breaker of my flowing feelings.
oh shit! they’re coming our way,
never mind the case, just keep a straight face,
Break me away from your eye embrace,
and make sure your thoughtless smile is erased.
Faster pace, when they invade our place,
Lovers to Friends, it isnt just letters we gotta replace,
acting like siblings when we hit the stage,
but in your heart I'm that star, hidden in shame,
eager on fame,
dancing to the whispers of this Masquerade.
that way, all's plain, we're safe.
they wont percieve a picture or frame.
they wont see the flare in our gaze
or trace the lingering smoke of our love haze.
So tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.
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Bye for now

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