Review Policy

Books are awesome and people who write them, I consider them my heros.

I finally decided to create a Review Policy pages to receive a better percentage of books that I might be interested in reading.

I only review Young Adult books on this blog

 Books I am currently accepting/ I enjoy reading:
·         Contemporary fiction
·         Paranormal
·         Fantasy
·         Historical fiction
·         Science fiction
Books I am currently not accepting:
·         Horror
·         Mysterious/thriller
·         Middle Grade
·         Self motivational books
·         Non-fiction books
·         Self-published books
·         Adult books
The type of book format is paperback or hardcover or any other physical format. However I do not accept e-books.

To contact me:
Please send me an email at if you are sending a review request or requesting an interview or guest post on the blog.

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