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This is my official "About Me" page where you will learn lots of things about my blog and me.

About the blog:

I started In Between the Lines in 2009. I wanted it to be a place where I could share my thoughts mainly on books and others things that might catch my attention. However, my blogging experience started in 2006 where I blogged privately about one thing: Harry potter.

Blog Stats: 151 followers . Over 466 likes on facebook fan page. 110,000 page view.  149 different countries.

About me:

Who are you?
I am Basma Aal, a teacher who loves to read

What are you studying?
I am studying Korean and HTML on my own

Do you have any other interests in anything other than reading?
I like writing, listening to music, tweeting a lot,etc.

What sports do you play?
Tennis and watching soccer

Social/Traditional Media Appearances:

Ottawa Sun Interview

Contact me:

(Updated on Aug.6 2017)


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