Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book Review: Beautiful Creatures

Close your eyes
Beautiful CreaturesThink deep
Imagine you are a guy whose name is Ethan Wate
You live in a small town called Gatlin
You already decided to leave the town by the time you graduate from high school because it's boring and nothing happens there
Then this girl move to your school
She's hot according to your basket ball team
You agree with them the minute you see her
But from the way she picks her outfit, it seems that she's not like any of the girls in your school. She has this necklace around her neck that has junk stuff
You start getting closer to this girl who you learn that her name is Lena Duchannes
You have some sort of connections with this girl
You could send her telepathic messages.
You get even closer with this girl that you two become friends
You learn that she has incredible abilities
Like when she is angry she could break a window
Or when she is sad she could make it rain
Or when she changes the form of clouds above her by a movement of her fingers
She is a mysterious, beautiful human being
No wait
She is a beautiful creature
Hey everyone
So it has been a long time since I wrote a book review. Yea, what I wrote above here was a book review but in different style. I just made you close your eyes and pretend you are the main character of "beautiful creatures". I don’t know how you close your eyes and read at the same time but good luck. Anyways, what you think of the new way of reviewing or should I go with the old way. I am always changing the ways I write especially when it comes to book reviewing.

More about the book:
It is such an amazing book. I loved it from the cover. Beautiful creatures is a smash hit world-wide. Don’t be surprised if I told you it could be the next twilight phenomenon or even better.  Simply, the book will be a great add to your bookshelf.There are 2 authors for this book, Kami Garcia & Margaret  Stohl. They both wrote this novel, not knowing who wrote which chapter.
Check out their website
You could become a fan of beautiful creature on facebook
And now I shall leave you with a video to get to know the authors better


Morgan said...

This book sounds super good and now after reading your review, I will defaintly be adding it to my wishlist.

basma aal said...

@morgan Thanks :)

Dee said...

I wanna read that book. :)


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