Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 10 things you might not know about Canada:


1.       The fact that we don’t say "eh?" all the time. I barely hear people using it in their conversations.
2.       The fact that all/most of us are addicted with Tim Hortons goodies even though the quality is not as good but we like to support the Canadian stuff, I guess
3.       The fact that we say "Sorry" constantly and with no reasons sometimes
4.       The fact that the winter is becoming less snowy every year and summer is becoming winder and winder . Werid.
5.       The best public libraries system EVER: that is very important to me because most of the books I review here are borrowed from a Canadian public library.
6.       The best education : in fact 2 of Canadian universities made it to the top 10 of the best universities in the world
7.       If you want to go around the world, just come to Canada: In Canada you will find people from all over the world
8.       White  during winter, green during summer, orange during fall and pink  during spring
9.       Hockey is our soccer
10.   Our flag has a red maple leaf which shows how much the people of Canada care about the environment
Happy Canada Day
Tata for now


The Brown Eminem said...

-- Very True.. I hate stereotypes. Bengalis dont eat fish all the time and Egyptian chicks dont bellydance all the time!!!
-- Timmies is actually not bad. Definately not shit quality.
--- We really say "Sorry" constantly for no reason?
--- I think you meant "WINDIER" not WINDER haha word...
--- About your library comment. I kinda have to disagree. There is a public library like 5 minute drive from my house and I wanted to get a book from there, and they didnt have it. The Uni I go to has the book, in fact, many books. Unfortunately only people who attend the uni can get books out from there. The library system is the same everywhere else in the world man...
--- I agree on the education, it rocks!
--- If you want to go around the world, just go to Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver!
--- pink during spring? hmm i say its yellow during spring lol
--- hockey is our soccer yeah man but only a3biyadh ppl play it.
--- we do care about the environment!!!!!!!!

sukhdeep brar said...



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