Monday, July 5, 2010

Khalad Said

Imagine if you got killed for saying no?

For refusing to show your ID?

Imagine dying because you tried to expose drug dealers working in the police.

On June 11, a 28 year old male died in Alexandria, Egypt.  He was a normal guy who decided to go fishing and then went to a net café because there was no access to internet at his home. Let's assume he was checking his facebook or twitter when two guys came to the café asking for people's ID. Khalad Said refused to show his ID. In a split of a second, he was arrested and beaten. The café owner decided to interfere; he asked the two guys and Khalad Said to leave the café at once. And so they did. They went in front of Khalad's building and started beating him. Then he was taken in a police truck, a covered truck, and came back after fifteen minutes. If you want to see Khalad's picture after he was beaten up, click here.  

After Khalad said's death, the government declared that he was a drug dealer and he swallowed a drug called bango which led to his death. If that is true, why was he tortured? Why there were all these bruises on his face and his body? Why did he even swallow the  bingo in the first place?

The two guys who worked for the police were released for no proof. But with all the protests that happened in Egypt, things heated up. The two guys got arrested again and they will go under a trail in a few days.
What do I have to do with a guy who died in Egypt or somewhere else, you might ask?

Well, I am here to convince you that the death of Khalad Said could have an impact on you.

Rule: whatever happens in another country has an impact on you. Whether you live in that country or far away from it, it will impact you.
For example, when Iraq wasn’t doing so well, USA invaded it and who paid the price…. The soldiers'  families and the Iraq people.

Another reason:

We all should care about each other. Why? Because we all share the same blood color. Red.
If you want to show sympathy to Khalad said's death, do the following:
I know it's in Arabic. No problem.  Go to Google chrome. Click right on the fan page. Click "Translate to English". Everything will switch to English language.  This page will help you get the latest update about Khalad Said
·         Talk about it with your friends and family
·         Tweet about it or blog about it
·         Here is Khalad Said website…again you can translate it in Arabic.
We must stop those people who keep on torturing us for no reason.


SAGHIR said...

wow.. sucha a sad story ):
Allah yer7amo, thanks for spreading the word!

Kirthi said...

I liked the Fan PAge and the picture was incredibly disturbing. Such a sad story, I was heart-broken! The government is so cruel over there! Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Damn man, Khaled Said got beat up real bad. Did the police beat them up with fists or was it like freaking tazers and this little bats they carry? If it was fists man that is crazy... shieet man he got effed.. SOLIDARITY FOR KHALED SAID!


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