Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup 2010

World cup is over
World cup was special
Bringing people together
Giving chances for people to cheer for their countries
Giving chances for people to express their love for their countries
Allowing kids and adults to understand the meaning of belonging
Understanding the definition of peace
Symbolized in a rolling ball
Knowing about the South Africans culture
Watching the black stars shine
Is something unforgettable
France and Italy taking a ticket back home unpredictably so early
Germany coming in third
Netherland coming in second
Spain coming in first
Spain will be on the top for 4 coming years
Congratulations to Spain, you truly deserved it 
Now the question shall be
Who do you think will take the world cup in 2014?
Leave a comment telling me who should take the world cup next time

Tata for now

P.S. I wrote this post from yesterday...predicting the win of Spain..thanks to Paul :)


Remy Abdalhalim said...

i think Brazil :)

nice blog

sukhdeep brar said...

well who should win ...?????
cnt say rite nw......
may d best wins!!!!!!!
n d post is greattttt.......
actually u urself is gr8...

Anonymous said...

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basma aal said...

Yes you may. As long as you put a link back to me.

Anonymous said...

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