Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you racist?

This isn’t a book review. This post is for racist human beings.

 You weren’t created to hate or to make fun of. And personally I think that religion is something personal. You don’t need to change your religion to fit in or to be liked. Those people who hate Islam so much or any other religion. Tell me why? And don’t tell me because of 9/11. It's not like I am with whomever crushed those planes. No I am not. I am against whomever blaming this on 1.57 billion muslims. I didn’t do it so why blame me. I didn’t blame you for lots of stuff. I didn’t blame you when you invaded Iraq, right? Because I knew it wasn’t your decision.   

Look beyond my looks, background or religion. You know what? Look at the colour of my blood. It's RED. What's your blood colour? Red? Really? See we have something in common. So let's not judge each other based on anything other than OUR blood colour.  


Ghroob said...

powerful msg. Good for you, standing up for your religion! that takes guts.

ps. in response to ur question in the tiitle.. i think we all are ALITTLE racist even if we dont want to be...its human nature. idk why...

basma aal said...

Thanks :)


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