Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review: Somewhere in Blue


Today I will be reviewing a book titled Somewhere in blue. Blue is a relaxant colour, isn’t it?

The description of the book:

Sandy Rawlins is sixteen years old. Her father – her best friend – has just passed away. She immediately begins to unravel, and yet her mother, mysteriously, is not grieving. Where can Sandy turn as the waves of grief overwhelm her? She doesn't want to be a burden on her friend, Lennie, who has her own problems, trying to be the responsible one at home while her cougar of a mom is out bar-hopping. The boy next door – always a friend, but now perhaps something more – wants to be there for Sandy, but is it already too late? She has lost a part of her soul, and the aching sadness pulls her a little further away each day. Readers will be captivated by the dramatic lives of Sandy Rawlins, her friend Lennie Finn, and their two very different mothers. Set in contemporary Toronto, this is a story of intense loss and of reaching out for connections. It reveals four women struggling with their independence and their relationships with each other. The manuscript for Somewhere in Blue was singled out by Governor General's Award winner, Tim Wynne-Jones, for an award of distinction at the Humber School for Writers.-goodreads.com

First off-this book is by a Canadian author which is just amazing because all the books I read are by American authors. No offence. But when a book takes place in a city where you used to live before, you will feel that instant connection. So the book took place in Toronto where I used to live in the past and that made me more excited about the book.

The book's atmosphere and how the colour blue was embedded everywhere made the book taste different. Maybe not just the description of the sea and the sky, but also the description of the main character's feelings were blue too.

Sandy, the main character, had experienced the loss of her father. They were so close and I got so close to them to the point that I sometimes had a teary eye when she talked about her dad. The author did a great job letting us know about the character thoughts, even though it was in third person narration.

Also the cover was amazing. Even my mom liked it. So the face of the girl on the cover is shiny and sort of different than the rest of the cover. Definitely one of my favourites covers.

Did I forget to mention that the writing was so deep. Its not only for young adults readers because it focused also on mothers who are trying to raise their kids using different strategies.

At the end, I want to say that I gave this book 5 stars on goodreads.com. It was perfect!

Here is the trailer:

Tata for now :D

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