Thursday, September 16, 2010

Text and Drive lol ;)

Back in the sixties it was all about DRUGS
In the seventies it was all about the Beatles
Now it's all about… TEXTING.

"Omg guess who I saw today :O"

Teenagers spend a significant time texting. I had my first cell phone last January and I never thought I would be a text addict. Well, I am not. I do not know many others to text. But when I do have to text, I forget all about the world and start to focus on what I am sending. And when I say focus I mean not knowing where I am going if I am walking, not raising my hand in class even if I know the answer and probably killing somebody.

What? Killing somebody?

Well yea did you know that texting while driving is like driving drunk . Of course I won't have this problem since I don’t drive .but what about you? You who text and drive and think that everything is under control. NOT TRUE!!!

"It only takes 2 seconds of taking your eyes off the road to double your risk of a crash." Seventeen Magazine

So risk your life just for sending "kay" text.
Why kill innocent people just because you feel like texting?
So stop texting while driving.
And if you are not convinced yet, watch this video

Thanks to seventeen magazine for inspiring me to write this post

1 comment:

Ghroob said...

wow... thats some serious biznis!
ppl are stupid.


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