Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Review: You Already Know How to be Great

There is more meaning to the word "GROW" that you don’t know about.


Today I shall review a book titled You Already Know How to be Great by Alan Fine.  
The description of the book:
A bold new approach to performance by one of the top coaches in the country. In trying to improve-on the playing field, in the office, or even at home-most people seek out new information to get to the next level. They read a book, attend a class, or hire an expert to give them an edge. But Alan Fine, an accomplished tennis, golf, and executive coach and a renowned authority on peak performance, believes that this "outside-in" method is precisely what's holding you back from doing your best work. He's found the biggest obstacle to improved performance isn't not knowing what to do; it's thinking too hard about what you already know. The tips and tools designed to help you get ahead can actually interfere with your ability to focus. Fine reveals his simple and proven approach to achieving breakthrough performance. It starts with reducing the interference that blocks your potential through an amazing process called G.R.O.W. (Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward). No matter who you are or what you do, You Already Know How to Be Great will help you eliminate what is standing in the way of your goals

My thoughts on the book:

When I first received the book, I thought the title wasn’t right at all. I mean I don’t know how to be great and I bet many of us don’t know the path of greatness. And what is "great" anyways? The definition of great varies from a person to another. So how do we know if we know how to be great. Well, that’s when the book comes in to answer this question.

The book is about a concept called GROW. As you read in the description above: G=Goal, R=Reality, O=options, W=Way forward.  This concept is used to make our lives…easier and less stressful. The book shows that many people had used it and succeeded later. The concept GROW help us create K3F- I wont tell you what K3F stands for but you can know yourself if you watched the video below.
One of my favourite things about this book is that I felt connected. How?

It talked about how you can use GROW when playing tennis- I play tennis and I will you use GROW

It talked about how managers use this concept to run their meetings- this relates to one of my school projects.

It also talked about how the concept is used by parents, coaches, teachers, and athletes.

So basically this book is for everybody.

This book doesn’t just introduce you to the concept, it also helps you to practice it.

Personally, I finished the book yesterday and today I started using this concept while I was studying.

I bet after reading this book you will know exactly the path of greatness.


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