Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Epic Earth Hour 2011


Earth hour is this Saturday. I wont tell you how excited I am for 2011 Earth Hour. I will just copy and paste some of my tweets; maybe that will reflect how exciting I am.

#EarthHour is our way of saying "Thank you" to earth because there is no planet B
No lights in the streets=more stars in the sky #EarthHour
#EarthHour is a 1 hour dedicated to Earth
#Earthhour is an opportunity to all businesses to market their brand. 

But this blog post is not about my tweets.

I am just here to tell you how you can use this hour to do some interesting activities. Be aware these activities should take place when the lights are off.    

The following is a list of very interesting things you can do during Earth Hour:

Narrate a story: sit in a group and narrate a story. It could be from your imagination or from a  story you read from before.

Complete a story: let someone begin the first part of a story, you continue it, other finish it. Get it? So it will be a story narrated by so many people in 1 hour.

Read a book on smart phones/computers: it must be unplugged

Stare at the sky: more stars will be revealed

Count the lights: from your window, count how many people are having their lights off or on and compare. Then tweet about it or share it on facebook

Read on candles: romantic, eh?

Ok so I wrote this list without searching or anything. It just came from my heart because there is so much to do during Earth Hour and it’s for a great cause. Lets do this.

For more info please visit here

P.S. If you want to share a picture from your Earth Hour experience, send it to me on twitter and I will retweet it.

Tata for now 

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