Thursday, March 17, 2011

Male Readers vs. Female Readers


Please take a moment and think of the answer of this question"who reads more? Female or male?"

Yet the better question would be "Should there be any difference in the amount of reading done based on gender?"

I am not here to tell you my opinion. I am here to share some interesting stats about this topic.

Keep in mind that these stats are Canadian.

The stats…are you ready?

57% of Canadian readers are females
43% of Canadians readers are males
52% of the Canadian female readers are book buyers

For readers: Do these stats surprise you?
For publishers: Do these stats make you re-think your target market?

When I asked on twitter and facebook "who reads more?", 100% of the responses were for the female gender.

The question of the day is: if males and females are not reading then what else are they doing? I know there is lots of stuff that could be done other than reading but what is it specifically? Hit the comment section below to fill me in.

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