Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hardcover vs. paperback

Hardcover vs. paperback

Usually the hardcover is released first, then a year later-ish the paperback of the same book is released. The paperback is a way to promote the book series because the author is about to have another book release. Right? That's how it works.

Well, I'm not here to say if that one of the greatest promotion method ever or not. This post is mainly to discuss my book cover preference.

If I have to choose between hardcover or paperback, I would go with paperback.
Paperback is awesome, people.

I know that hardcovers look better and last longer.

But paperback weight less and are cheaper. Also, they usually have extra material such playlists, sneak peak of upcoming book, etc.

Now that's something.

Sometimes I wish all books were paperback.

But, Hardcovers add value to the overall book appearance and it looks wonderful.

So tell me which do you prefer? Hardcover or paperback.

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