Thursday, October 13, 2011

Youth Book Initiative in Egypt

Maryam Maarouf, the author of Rosie, sent me a link to a Youth Book Initiative inEgypt website. It quickly caught my interest. I asked her for more info and this what she provided me with.

Who are taking part in this initiative

Egyptian authors looking forward to seeing more people read. We write, we get our words heard. Some of us published, some still on the road.

Helping new authors take their first steps towards getting their YA books published. “Agenting” is non-existent in Egypt, which resulted in a huge gap between publishers who don’t want to take risks with new authors, and authors who want their rights to be protected while on a journey they’re not familiar with its full dimensions.
How? By filtering submissions, helping our authors edit and transform their book to its final, publishable image and then connecting them to the publisher.
Condition? Writings must be YA.

A few of our stories as a group of YA authors and some of the submissions will be available online as e-books, introducing more people to YA through social media that has taken a great part of everyone’s daily life, no matter their social class or education.

With the opportunity of reading foreign YA books and the few already in the Egyptian market. We find it amazing and simply the key to making the society read more and raising the upcoming generations to love reading and adore the written word. We’re ready to put time and effort into introducing this type of books to other readers, and to people reluctant to start reading – most young adults. In this tech-savvy generation, it’s hard to introduce a regular book to young adults except if it’s grabbing and relate-able. In other words, a YA book.

 Right now, we’re seeking readers and more people with experience – even if slight – in the writing and publishing fields, especially in Egypt. Register now, make this dream come true.

Please go ahead and register here and become part of a great initiative. Wait for more updates.
Thank you, Maryam

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