Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Burned Books in Egypt

Few days ago in Egypt, the Institute d'Egypte went on fire. This institution contained 200 year old manuscripts. This centre was established during Napoleon's (France) invasion, from 1798-1801. There is even a compilation that includes 20 years worth of observation of Egypt that was part of this amazing library.

Personally, as an Egyptian and a bookish person, I was shocked with the news. If you follow me on twitter, you would have noticed the number of tweets regarding the centre caught on fire, that I retweeted. I didn’t believe the news at first but they were confirmed...finally.

However, there is good news which aren't confirmed but I hope they are true anyways. The news is that there might be unharmed copies identical to the burned manuscripts in the Alexandria library, isn’t that great?

And finally I would like to share photos of Egyptians trying to protect the books. It was really heroic moment in the Egyptian history. They went inside a caught on fire centre, all to save their country's history.

Source: Global News 

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