Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Author This or That: Liz Reinhardt

Liz Reinhardt stops by the blog today answering few of this or that. She is the author of Double Clutch.

Sweet or Salty:
The two combined! Chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn and Goobers, hot cocoa with sea salt…I love it all!

Facebook or Twitter:
Definitely Facebook! I’m on Twitter, but it feels like my brain will blow up when I try to figure out all the conversations…then again, it took me a good five months to figure out Facebook, so maybe I just need more time.

Love Triangles or Cross star lovers:
I would have said star-crossed, hands down…then I started reading books with love triangles and got addicted. Reading New Moon really inspired Double Clutch, because I thought Jacob Black got such a raw deal. I started to wonder what would happen if a girl really cared about two guys…and the rest is history!

Macbook or PCs:
I work on a PC but lust after a Mac!

Coffee or Tea:
Tea, lots of milk and sugar, like a little kid.

Summer or Winter:
I love the coziness and celebrations of winter, but now that I live in the South, the weather really throws me. I haven’t seen snow fall in six years! So I think I’m definitely missing winter right now!

Bookstores or online bookstores:
Online. I love browsing, but I hate going all the way to a place for a certain book, and it isn’t there! What I love about online is each book is right at my fingertips, anytime. I’ve read SO much more since I got an ereader, and that makes me very happy!

Vampire or werewolves:
Werewolves!! I love the warm, fiery tempered, animalistic nature!

iPhone or Blackberry:
Um. My phone is super, super old. Like it folds over. And has no internet access! But I want an iPhone just for the hilarious autocorrect options!

Talking on the phone or Texting:
99% texting, because it’s quick, direct, and lets me get right back to work writing. BUT I need my talking time with my friends/sister/mom/gram or I’d go crazy.

England or Paris:
Ooooh!! Tough one! I’d have to say Paris for it’s amazing food and wine…but I’m totally sneaking over to England to bask where so many of my favourite authors wrote ;)!

Blue or Purple:
Purple. That may be because I have a five year old, and she LOVES purple. I see a lot of it!


elizabethreinhardt said...

Thank you so much for having me on!! It was so much fun answering your questions!

Amanda @ Letters Inside Out said...

Great interview!!!

Hahaha, Liz, I totally see you purposely making typo mistakes on the iPhone just to see people's reaction. :P

elizabethreinhardt said...

OMG, SO fun!!! You know me too well, Amanda!!

basma aal said...

You are very welcome and yay for being part of the book's blog tour.

Caryn Caldwell said...

What a great interview! So funny.

kimba88 said...

Great interview..i like my tea like your but only when i am sick...otherwise its coffee!

Katie (Call Me Crazy) said...

I love this or thats! I've never tried sea salt in my hot chocolate, I'm going to have to try that now! I also totally lust over Macs too and love purple haha! :) Thanks for the awesome interview!

ellie said...

Awesome interview. I love Double Clutch.


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