Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Review: Geek High

I was searching for books that wasn’t too old but too new and found this perfect match. GEEK HIGH is the name of the book I will be previewing.
Geek high is a place for all the geeks. If you are gifted, geek high would be the perfect place for to be educated.

Our main character, Miranda, is a genius in math. Since was little she knew how to figure out the answer of questions such as 52,652 X 95, 737? She always felt ashamed from her little talent because everyone thought of her as a geek afterwards. Her nick name was “Human Calculator”.

Miranda’s family divorced three years ago. Since then her father rarely communicated with his daughter. One day, Miranda’s mother decided to leave and go to London to write her newest books(she writes romance novels). Miranda have no other choice but to go to her father‘s house.

Her father feels guilty for leaving Miranda for years and he does try to get closer to her (read to know how). But the problem comes from her step-mother and her step-sister. They hate her. How is she going to overcome this big obstacle?

In Geek high, Miranda’s life is not all great. She has two friends, Charlie and finn, whom we find by the end of the novel that there is something going on between them (read to know what).

Miranda like every other girl has a crush on the cutest guy (Emmet) in the school. But this Emmet disappoints her by asking someone very close to her as his date to the snowflake dance. Then, is Miranda going to give up and not have a date for the snowflake dance?

As usual I wont give out the answers to my questions. Its your job to figure them out either by guessing or reading the whole book.

I find this book very interesting becuase it issues so many problems that challenges everyday teenager.

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