Thursday, October 8, 2009

Books: Princess forever

Meg Cabot ,one of the best New York Times sellers, had  released her lastest* book from the great series "princess diaries". The book was named PRINCESS FOREVER. Maybe because it was the last book from the princess diaries saga so it meant that she will be princess by name and meaning forever?

Summary of the past eight books:
We saw the naive girl who looked very ugly and not that popular but when she knows that she is a princess EVERYTHING changes around her. People who used to bully her wanted to become her freinds. She lost her true friends and her true lover. She is distracted by all these people around her who pretend they care about her and she couldnt find her true self anymore. Her mother get married to her teacher and then had rocky.

The last book of the saga is the last year of Mia's high school so imagine how busy she could be.
Like any other girl, Mia wants to get into her dream college, go to the prom with the person she really likes, have a great graduation and Genovia's first election would go fairly.

We always knew the fact that Mia loved Micheal all her life. but then Micheal had to leave to Japen to be one of the important scientists. All that time Micheal was in Japen, Mia had dated J.P. In the last book Micheal comes back looking even more stunnung than before. What will Mia do? She has a choice between J.P and Micheal!!!

If you have read the princess diaries from before, you would have known the format of the book is writen by. Well if you didnt know anything about the book, let me tell about the format. The whole saga is like a diary of a teenager girl. Ever wonder what you should write in a diary or how it should look like? Well, Princess daires saga is written in a diary format which tells us lots of things about the character. she likes writing!

After Micheal had left, Mia started reading historical romance novel so she can write one herself. She does write an amazing novel which reflect someone's story in her life. Meg cabot decided to write Mia's novel ad get it actually published. It is the novel I previewed from before on my blog and its called "Ransom my Heart."

From my opinion I think the last part was the best.. We see Mia actually getting mature, still lies alot but realizes it's a bad habit.
This novel is about an ambition girl and nevert give up. It has a happy ending which I think many peole will like it. Also the book is funny, really funny.

The worse thing is that to read PRINCESS FOREVER you must have read the nine 8 parts from before. I know it will feel like ever but

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Latest*=When i wrote this post it was Meg Cabot's latest books. but now she has newer ones that I'll be reviewing soon.

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