Saturday, September 12, 2009

Book Review:Just Listen

Just Listen"Just Listen is one of the novels writen by Sarah Dessen. She is one of the New York Times Best-seller Authors. She is one of the most popular authors for young adults. Five of her books have been choosen as ALA Best Books for Young Adults and THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER was voted a YALSA Teen Ten Book. Sarah Dessen lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina."


Just Listen is one of the interesting books I have ever read. The book is not all about romance or anything like that. It is more about relationships within families. The book is about a girl named "Annabel" who is afraid from saying her problems out loud. Her friend "Owen" who becomes her boyfriend helps her to face her fears with her mother,sisters and her friends.

"Annabel" keeps how she feels to herself. she was raped by Will Cash. Will Cash is her best friend's boyfriend (Sophie). Sophie ignores Annabel because she thinks that she liked her boyfriend. Also Annabel loses her very first best friend (Clark).

Also, we learn that Annabel is a model and so her sisters are models (Kirsten and Whitney). Whitney and Kirsten has their own conflicts that we learn about later in the book.

Annabel wants to quite modaling but she thinks quiting will make her mom unhappy.

How is Annabel going to gather up the courage in the world to speak up and say what she really feels? How is she going to take revernage from Will Cash who raped her? How will Kirsten and Whitney will over come their own conflicts? How will she tell her mother that she wants to quite modeling? How is she going to get back to her best friend?

Well.... am not going to give out the answers to these questions!!!!!!!!

You have to read it yourself because its a total different experience when you are actually reading a book. Its like a journey in another human's life. It might have happened to you or to anyone dear to you

The thing is I'm surprised when I finished the book because I never thought that I would learn so much about so many things that might happen to me or to my friends but I know if it happens to me I'll know what to do.

If u hadnt read this book yet....i highly recommend it

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