Sunday, September 13, 2009

Books: Ransom my Heart

Bye bye "Avalon high"...hello "Ransom my heart". Ransom my heart is one of Meg Cabot's latest books. The book is suppose to be written by Mia (one of Meg's fiction character in the princess series). The book resembles Mia's life in a way. The book was written in third person narration which is something we are not used to from Meg Cabot. I think the book was very tense and full of emotions and romance. the novel is a historical romance which brings us back in time in complete statisification.

The story was about a girl who had to ransom someone because her sister was pregnant and she wanted money to help her marry the man who got her pregnant. Finnula was the youngest in her family. She liked to hunt and never cared about girls stuff. Finnual went in the wild to search for a man to ransom him, but becuase all the men in the area know her she had to pick someone who is new to the village*. Finnula founds the perfect men(Hugo) who used to live in the village but lived for along time overseas and in britan. She leads him as a prisoner. During this period of time Finnula and Hugo both fell in love with each other.

Ransom My Heartwhat happens when Finnula know the true identity of Hugo? When she knows that she ,one day was going to marry his father? When she knows that he has a fifteen year old son from another woman?

I really recommend this book. It was very enjoyable
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