Saturday, December 5, 2009

Book Review:The Boy Next Door

Another novel to be read by Meg Cabot. As most of you might have noticed that I love to read every and each novel written by Meg Cabot. One of the latest books I read by her was THE BOY NEXT DOOR. It is an old book. It was published 2002 when Meg Cabot used to be Meggin Cabot.

Like most of Meg Cabot's books, The Boy Next Door was funny and romantic. But the book had a different style of writing. It consisted of bunch of emails sent from and to the characters. I know. It doesn’t sound like a book.  But that’s the exciting part about this specific book by Meg Cabot.

For example:

To: Mel Fuller
From: Nadine Wilcock
Subject :I hope at the very least

You let him pay for the Chinese food


Get the image now. It all relies  on emails.

The summary: Mel, whowas the main character from my opinion, find her neighbor  who was 82 facedown on living room carpet. She, immediately, called the police and waited until the ambulance came. Then Mel tried to contact any relative who by any chance knows her neighbor. After research, she found her nephew (Max). Max was a famous photographer who ran away with a hot super modal. Ok, so if you get to choose between caring for your aunt or a super modal. Which one would you pick? Many of you will say a super modal and that exactly what Max did. But max wants to show his aunt, if she ever wakes up from a coma, that he really care about her, so he decided to send his friend to his aunt’s apartment to replace him. John arrived to the neighborhood pretending to be Max. And its happens when you least except it. John, who was pretending to be Max, fall in love with Mel who thinks he was Max. At the end Mel discovers that John is not Max and she will take some series action toward him and she will also solve the mystery behind her neighbor’s attack.

You have to read the book to know who tried to kill the 82 year old woman. I mentioned him in my blog but again you have to read to figure out.

I personally love the book. It was great and a whole different style.

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More later :)

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