Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Hollow

The HollowThe hollow was one of the amazing books I read in 2009. It was written by Jessica Verday. It was her debut novel and let me tell you that Jessica did an amazing job writing this book. She used a 13 spiral-bound notebook and fifteen black pen to write her first draft.

Summary of the book:

Kristen, who was Abbey’s best friend, died. Abbey struggled real hard time with the news. She couldn’t believe that her friend died. Even worse, drowned. Abbey became very depressed. All her future plans were dead without Kristen because Kristen was suppose to be with Abbey in every step toward her future.

Abbey used to go to the cemetery with Kristen. It was their secret place to hang out but without Kristen, who was going to share Abbey’s secret hangout place?

This guy, named Caspian, appeared from nowhere. He introduced himself to Abbey on Kristen’s funeral. She never seen him from before. Who was he? Why was he everywhere she goes?(Well. Not everywhere. Only the cemetery.)

Abbey started to get so close to Caspian. She fall in love with him. She wanted to be with him forever. But she cant. Its impossible.

Because he doesn’t exist.

Personal thoughts:

The Hollow had an amazing setting and the author was able to create a perfect and clear image for the readers. Abbey’s character was complicated in an amazing way. I was completely shocked by the ending.

I cant wait for the sequel which will be released soon. I, of course, will be the first to review it.

I am going to leave you with the trailer of the book.

Get your copy here

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