Monday, December 28, 2009

The Seven Rays

Seven is a lucky number, maybe that’s why Jessica Bendinger decided to include it in the title of her debuted novel.
The Seven Rays

Summary of the book:

Beth Michaels received gold envelopes from a stranger. At first she thought the mail wasn’t for her because they came for someone called “Elizabeth Ray Michaels.” The first envelope had one sentence which was “ YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE.” When Beth read this sentence, she knew for sure that this envelope reached to her by mistake.

Pink dots started to form in front of Beth. When she had her first kiss with Richie Mac (the school cutie), she knew everything about him. His past, his fears and his problems. Beth realized that she had the power to know people’s past, fears, secrets and desires with a single touch. 

She even knows when someone was lying to her and she first practiced that on her mother. Her mother was lying to her all that time. The lie was that her mother was not her mother. Her mother was someone else.

Richie Mac (the school cutie) become all over her. He could read her mind even with far distance.  He fall in love with her after a kiss.

So lets review Beth’s power:
  • She could make guys drool ( drool: was the word Richie used to describe his love for Beth) over her.
  • She could know someone’s past, fears, secrets and desire with a touch.
  • She could know if someone is lying, etc.
  • She could send telepathic messages

Of course that will make Beth and you wonder why she had these powers. The only way to know is by clicking here.

Here is a hint: Beth Ray Michaels is one of “THE SEVEN RAYS”

Thoughts on the book:

I think that was the first time for me to read a paranormal romance novel and I promise it wont be the last. The book had an original and  unique idea. I am not going to deny the fact that I felt bored in some areas and sometimes lost when I was reading but it got interesting in the middle. The most interesting part when Beth and Richie were in the car.  I think the book should have a sequel because it left us(the reader) without an exciting ending. Hopefully, the squeal will focus more on the seven rays becoming super heroes or something like that.

Check the trailer of the book.

Also news related to the book:

1 comment:

Dee said...

I'm already at chapter 14 and i only started yesterday :)
I feel like it's gonna be more amazing as I go on.
Really that review just made me excited to resume reading the book even though you know I'm in a middle of stuff right now :)


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