Friday, December 11, 2009

The North of Beautiful

North of BeautifulSo looking back at year 2009, one of the things that I remember doing in the beginning of the year was doing a video to define beauty. The video was an entry for a contest to define the real meaning of beauty. The contest was a way to promote the book “The North of Beautiful”. The author of the book is Justine Chen Headley.

Finally I had the chance to read “The North of beautiful”

Summary : Terra, who was the main character, had a port-wine stain on one of her cheeks. Everyday she would put huge amount of make-up to cover her  wrong cheek. Everyday before she goes to school she runs and do sit ups because she thinks if she doesn’t have a perfect face then she should have a killer body.

Not just Terra had problems with her face but also with her family problems. Her father was so strict about everything. Terra liked art and she wanted to major in it. She does get accepted in Williams(it’s a college that offer Art programs) which is far away from home(it’s a way to get away from her father). But her father refused, telling her that he wouldn't pay her the tuition if she major in art. On the other hand, Terra’s mom was helpless. She never stood up for herself after her sister’s death. She lost control over everything. Terra and her father become in control of her.

Terra had a boyfriend(Eric).Its already decided that she will break up with him the minute she leaves high school.

Terra had two brothers. One of them works in China, his name is (Merc). Merc invite Terra and his mom to CHINA and that’s when everything change.

Hint: Terra will  learn the real meaning of beauty and she wont hide her port-wine stain anymore.

Did I mention that she will meet a guy who will make her love him head over heals?

Personally, I think the book was very romantic. I learn the real meaning of beauty. I also learn many things about China for example, “Hangzhou“ and its surrounding towns and villages make some of the primmest tea-growing areas in china. See. This book has some useful info about china and lot more if u read it. I also learn that Jolie laide means pretty ugly in French.

Also if you want to check out my video for the North of Beautiful contest, its down there. Tell me what you think.

more later :)

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