Thursday, January 28, 2010

Egyptians are Happy!!!!!

If you didn’t know it yet, I am here to break down for you.

Countries from Africa compete to win the Africa cup every 2 years. Egypt has been winning the cup for 2 times in a row. Today was the Semi-Final match between Egypt and Algeria or Algerie( I really don’t know what they call themselves these days. They haven’t decided yet). Of course we all know what happened in the qualifications for the world cup between Egypt and Algeria/e. If you don’t know, click here.

So basically, like always, no surprise here, we won. Another record breaking by the Egyptian soccer team. They had played 17 matches without losing.  You are all asking by now WHAT WAS THE SCORE?
The first goal was scored by Hosni abdel-rabo
The second goal was scored by Mohammed Zaydan 
The third goal was scored by Mohammed abdel-shafy
The fourth goal was scored by Gedo
Funny Facts:D
The Algerian team had 3 red cards. I know. I personally never saw something like that. That just proves that they play unprofessionally. On the other hand, the Egyptian Soccer team didn’t receive any card. What does that tell you? One of the players who got kicked out was the goal-keeper so the coach had to take a player from the field and put a goalie to protect their "open-anyways" net.
Now I can say that the team took all the Egyptians' revenge today.
Let's celebrate on this blog:
I am asking you to tweet me a picture or a video showing how you have celebrated for the Egyptian win. If you don’t have a twitter leave a comment below and I will contact you. When you send me pictures, I will put them all in one video to show how fans are happy for Egypt. You don’t have to be Egyptian to be happy for that win. So send me anything that shows your happiness whether you are Egyptian or non-Egyptian.
The final match is on 31 Jan against Ghana. Wish the Egyptian the best of luck.

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