Sunday, January 31, 2010

Egypt wins the Africa cup for the 7th time

Could you feel the excitement in the air?
Could you feel the smile on everyone's heart?
Why? What happened?
Well, I am here to tell you what happened.


The last match in the Angola 2010 for africa cup was between Egypt and Ghana. We all know that Ghana is a well-respected team with a great defence. Also we know that Egypt have a great collection of players. The match was complicated. The Egyptian soccer team found it hard to pass the ghana's defence. The Ghana's team found it hard too, to pass the Egyptian solid defence. Well, thats the results of two amazing teams playing against each other.

Anyways Egypt won by a goal scored by the amazing, most talented player," GEDO". The goal happened when there was a gape for few minutes in the ghana's defence. Gedo passed the ball to Zydan, Zydan passed the ball back to Gedo and it was goal. Gedo, the new Egyptian player, makes scoring goals easier than it seems. The new player has a future ahead of him. Already teams from Europe are asking for him.

Lets talk about the streets in Egypt after the match. It was crazy. People celebrated in Egyptian style. Dancing,singing and waving the red flag.

Not only that we brought home the africa cup, but we also brought home many achievements. We took the best player which went to Ahmed Hassan. Best goal keeper by Asam el-hadary. Most scorred goals by Gedo.

At the end I would like to say that Egyptian soccer team deserved it. The Egyptians fans deserved it. Adding a star to the Egyptian soccer jeresy is considered to be one of the greatest accomplishments. After wining 19 matches in a row.

They deserved this.

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