Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Apple Computer Company finally announced its latest product which goes with the name "iPad Tablet Computer". The iPad is a mixture of iPod touch, iPhone touch and Mac notebook.
Nowadays there are many devices that we use daily. iPad combines them all together in a one device. It's what people wanted for so long. Even though it has no phone in it, but it has many other features such as iPod, notebook and the new Amazon kindle.
From my perspective, iPad will be useless for many people; especially people who already own an iPod touch or an Amazon kindle. People already have these devices so it doesn’t mean that if there is a new device that combines them all, it will become a hit sell.
Since the iPad has an iBook app which allows readers to browse books online, it might have its negative effect on bookstores. People rather buy books online, then to walk to a bookstore and buy an actual book. That will lead to many bookstores running out of business. However, the iBook app is not a new feature on the iPad. It was already in the iPod touch and the iPhone touch. So the iBook app won't encourage loyal readers to buy iPad.
I just find that there is nothing new the iPad, comparing it to the many Apple products that always had great features.
Most of the iPad buzz comes from its title. The title shares the same name as feminine hygiene products. Many females find it embarrassing to talk about in public just because they are afraid that people might think that they are referring to feminine hygiene products and not the apple product.
Maybe feminist will encourage females not to buy the iPad to show Apple Company how much they are offended by the title. The title doesn’t even represent the device. I think they should have given it another title but I think it's too late.

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Morgan said...

I think the IPad looks super cool (almost like a bigger iphone) and I think it's a great idea but something that I probably wouldn't buy becuase I like a keyboard.


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