Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti in NEED!

Hi, everyone

This is a quick post.

I am asking every and each one of you to donate money for Haiti, please. We all heard the disaster that hit Haiti last Tuesday.  It was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that lasted for ten minutes. Now you might think that’s not long time but it was. The houses were destroyed after seconds. People now in Haiti need food, clean water and shelter.

That’s when you interfere.

There are many ways to donate:

  1. Text FRIENDS to 90999 and give $5 to the World Food Programme  in Haiti

The first 2 ways were tweeted by the World Food Programme (fight hunger), so they are very trusted websites. And let me tell you that the World Food Programme people are working extremely hard to rescue people in Haiti. And of course they need our help. So I encourage you to text on your mobile or donate with your credit card or (if you don’t have the money) go to social vibe.

Now I am not sure if the text works internationally. I sent the World Food Programme  a message asking them, so come back for an update.

Don’t forget to actually leave a comment to tell me which way you are donating.

Thank you.

1-UPDATE: I just received a reply from "fight hunger" on twitter,telling me that the text only work if you live in USA.
2-UPDATE: If you are residents of Canada and the Netherlands, you will receive a tax deduction for your donation to WFP using the online form. This is the form -->""

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