Friday, January 8, 2010

Give back for free

You might have seen it somewhere in this blog, but I never got the chance to directly talk about it.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you are going to find a widget that has this title, “Stop the Spread of AIDS.” You basically click on this widget, a screen will pop up that says at the bottom “Do an activity” and you click on it. After you click on it, get ready to answer questions, watch a video and rate it, etc. By doing  the six activities, you  have donated 9 hours of free treatment to kids and teens who suffer from AIDS and HIV in Africa.

I got this widget from If you want to get your own widget on your blog, simply visit the site.

What is SocialVibe?

Socialvibe is a way to give back to your community for free. It’s a way to help those in need. It’s a way to show the world what you stand for. It’s a way to have an impact over the world.

I have my own personal URL on which is

If you clicked on this link, you can help my cause. Even better make your own account and lets see a difference for once.

Please if you decided to make an account on social vibe, leave me your URL in the comment section so I can add you.

Now I am going to leave you with a video:

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