Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Book Review: Perfect Chemistry

Perfect ChemistryWe all took chemistry in high school. We all learnt that metal+ non-metal elements always work out perfectly because they have different properties so they complete each other.

Is it the same with human beings? Do we always look for a person who has the opposite characteristics of us? Well, that is the theory the author Simone Elkeles wanted to prove in her amazing book, “Perfect Chemistry.”

Summary of the book:

Alex is a member of the Latino Blood which is a gang. He comes from Mexico. He wish after school he will be able to go to college but, of course, its only dream for people like him.  He tries to put on an image of the bad boy in front of his gang member but with his family he is different. He cares about them.

On the other hand, we have Brittany who is perfect in everything. She got the perfect boyfriend, perfect family, perfect friends and perfect life.

Is that true?

Well, the truth is Brittany’s life isn’t perfect because she has a mentally disabled older sister who Brittany takes care of all the time. Also Brittany have hard time putting up with the perfect image that is not true.

Do you see the contrast with the two characters?

Well, if you haven’t guess it yet. They fall in love with each other. But both need to sacrifice something special to get together.

Thoughts on the book:

I know you might say that the story was repeated several times but I think the way it was written gave it a different twist and different experience to the readers. The author did an amazing job creating this remarkable chemistry between the characters. We get to see the thoughts of both characters and how they think of each other. I finished the book in two days and that’s a record right there cause I am a slow reader but with all the intensity in this book I had to keep on going.

Here is the trailer of the book. Listen close to the lyrics and you will get a better idea of the story

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Dee said...

Well i promise when i find it here in this lovely country that I'm living in which lacks everything haha i'll read it :)
It sounds interesting.


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