Saturday, February 13, 2010

Us for Haiti

We all know what happened to Haiti on January 12,2010. It was a disaster of all measures and perspectives. On January 12, 2010 I led you to the correct way to help Haitians, when I posted this article. I told you the various ways you can donate. Even if you didn’t have the money, there was a way to donate through for free.
You have donated over 60 million dollars to Haiti by simply texting and doing activities on socialvibe. Don’t you feel proud?
Do you want to know what the Unicef did with the money?
They had delivered more than 6 million meals to people in the capital and outlying areas isolated by the earthquake.
They had launched an immunization campaign in partnership with the Haitian government and the world health organization and they will vaccinate 500,000 children from measles, diphtheria, rubella and whooping cough.
They distributed clean water to 800,000 people daily
And of course they are providing shelter and food for Haitians
But we still need more money to provide Haitians what they need after the huge losses they had suffered.
Please continue on with your generous donations.
Now I shall leave you with an amazing video


Morgan said...

I think it's great that everyone's pitching in and helping Haiti in their tragic times. Thanks for posting and showing people (including me) how to help.

basma aal said...

You are Welcome :)


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