Monday, March 8, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Smile

 Just pretend that your life is a snapshot. You have to smile all the time. It is simple and easy, just stretch your lips as far as you can. Show your teeth to have that shine in your picture.

You can also have a signature look. A signature that will last forever. A signature that can have its positive or negative impact on the world.

Hopeful, optimistic, pessimistic or anger are all examples of signature looks. You pick. It's your choice.

Don't let the photographer interfere with your signature look. Have it your   
own style, not somebody else's

Smile :)                                                                                                            Credit goes to ilovo for the photo     


Ashimoy said...

nice words really...i felt that life is so simple when i read your words, and i thought why don't we just live life as simple as it is, try to have good times with beloved ones, try to make a difference in the world that would never be forgotten...why do we make life so difficult while life is so simple???....good work...keep it up:)

Dee said...

You know my opinion from before. ;)

basma aal said...

@dee and @Ashimoy thanks alot


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