Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Review: The Lottery

The Lottery
I was assigned to read the lottery in grade 12. A novel written by Beth Goobie (a Canadian novelist).

I always feel bored when it comes to reading novel assigned by my English teachers. They are always come in that complicated style. They would be novels that has nothing to do with our lives, but this novel THE LOTTERY was made especially for  high school students. It was great choice. Why?  because it takes place in a high school. It shows how high school could be very difficult place to get through!!!

Sal, who was the main character in the novel, was chosen to be the "lottery winner". This Shadow Council drew all the students names and picked one to be their next victim. The victim or the lottery winner was suppose to follow the orders of the shadow council. She was not allowed to talk without permission (raising her hand) and she was not suppose to say "no" to anything they ordered her to do.

Just imagine your life if you were bullied everyday in the school with no a support.

As part of being  the victim of the  year, she was not allowed to connect with any of her friends. So she couldn't turn for them for help. Even if she did turn for her friends to help her, they wouldn't because it would be too risky for them.

Sal had a brother (dusty) who was too afraid to leave Sal alone and go to university after the death of their father. He worry too much about her. Sal thinks that she had something to do with her father suicide. Thats why Dusty would feel so guilty for leaving her because she needs his support. Sal's mother was not close to her. Her mother was always working. We don't read much about her in the novel? The author barely mention the mother.

But at the end of the story Sal changes.


Is she going to face the shadow council memebers?

Is she going to face her own fears?

Will her brother move on with his life?

Will she get close to one of the Shadow Council members?
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