Thursday, March 11, 2010

XR Volume

This year I will be introducing many segments. My very first segment was "Words of Wisdom". Now I am introducing my second segment. It's called "Online Community". It's where I interview people online for being so active online. My first interview was with XR Volume. They promote great music. They help starter musicians to get known. Well, enough with the talking and let's get into the interview.

What is your mission?

To provide an artistically conducive atmosphere and  promote forward thinking for the next generation of musicians innovators of the industry.

What is your Vision?

To promote the positive effects of music and lead the way for the globalization of healthy lifestyles through music.

What are your goals?

To give musicians across the globe the opportunity and platform to achieve their dreams in the music industry.

Give us a brief description of XR Volume.

A global marketing and promotions company leading the way for worldwide change through music and education of the performing arts, garnering our efforts into the record label industry in the future.

If I have a band or I am a singer and I want you to help promote it, how could I reach you?

If you are an artist and want to be promoted on XR VOLUME, you can send a message to us at or . The contact information is listed on our website at under "Contact" along with the other services that the XR Volume team provides.

How does XR Volume decide if I should be promoted on your website, myspace , etc?

If an artist contacts us for an upcoming show we will work with them depending on what their needs are.

What are your techniques for marketing and promoting an artist or a band?

Our techniques for marketing and promoting are custom fitted to each individual artist. The key points we focus on are creating a buzz around the artist, build on their individual strengths and work on their weaknesses. The most important aspect focus is how well an artist can effectively communicate with their audience. Every one of the artists on XR VOLUME and   XR VOLUME ACCESS work hard, extremely talented, and very smart. Everyday progress is made to accomplish their goals.

 Do I have to be an American resident to promote my music?

We promote worldwide---everyone is welcome.

 Does XR volume have a YouTube channel ?

We do not have a YouTube channel currently, although with our new site on WordPress under Media we will be adding our own Video TV in the near future. We conduct some of our interviews via the internet and by phone. We have a correspondence team for different regions that report on shows in their area.

 Who is XR volume's favorite musician/band?

 It is difficult to pick a favorite! But, if we had to choose, our favorite mainstream bands would be Bon Jovi and Daughtry. Indie bands are amazing, too!

This is Forever & Always from Florida---XR Volume's Spotlight Artist!

Click here to check out the Exclusive interview with them!

One last word for XR Volume fans.
We would like to thank everyone that helps to support and promote XR VOLUME. To all the fans and Artists--- 

Here you have it, the inside scoop of XR Volume.
I want to thank XR Volume for being kind enough to answer my questions. Thank you.
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Medo said...

This is great interview. i loved the questions. We need more of this stuff, and more photos with the interview as well. way to go.

~ said...

Ooooh so THIS is the interview you were talking about!! good job basma! :)
interview me next time because as you know I AM important :P


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