Thursday, April 1, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Hidden Reasons

·         Arrows helps us to find our destination, but does not tell us if it is the right or wrong destination
·         Plastic surgery doesn’t make us look beautiful, but it only hides our imperfections
·         Social media doesn’t help us to stay connected, but help us draw the dots together
·         We are only reading the written sentences, when we are actually reading In Between the Lines
·         We care about others only because we know they care back
·         We work out only because if we don’t want our body will be mad at us
·         Power is not translated into muscles, power is translated  for what will you use these muscles for
·         Sharing is caring but caring is not sharing
·         Girls like pink because it’s the colour of their cheeks. Guys like blue because when you ask them "What is your favourite colour?" the first thing they do, they look up in the sky.
Hey everyone
So there you go another "Words of Wisdom" but in a different style.
Do you agree with these quotes?
I want to make sure that you know that anything I write on this blog is written by Basma Aal, so NO you can't copy and paste stuff from this blog just because you think I did that myself
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Tata for now


SAGHIR said...

these are wise words my friend :)
I like the last one haha stupid boys.

Neelam said...

You are right sweetheart, but plastic surgery does make you look beautiful, and it is not wrong to modify your beauty with the leatest technology. After all we are Gen Y....:)


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