Friday, April 9, 2010

Different Future with Brighter Women

Women are your mom, sister, aunt, grandmother or your girlfriend. Imagine if they don’t exist. Or imagine if they exist but they are suffering or they don’t, at least, have their basic needs.

"60% of chronically hungry people are women and girls."

Most women in developing countries, wake up in the morning, go work under the burning sun and then go home to nurture their families.
Women are mostly the people who are responsible for getting money, feeding their children and take care of the important people around them in developing countries.

"60%-80% of women provide food in developing nations."

Educating women could change countries' situation. By educating women, we will have independent women who are able to raise their children under better conditions. These children will grow up having high education for a brighter future. They will get married, have kids, raise them and provide them with better education than they had themselves.

In addition to that, if we provide women with healthy diet during pregnancy, the babies will become healthier than mothers who get none of the vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy. This Provide us with strong-built generation in the future.

"WFP provides nutritious food, while the government, supported by other partners, provide health and nutrition services such as vaccinations, vitamin A and iron supplements and deworming ..."

See the cycle now. Women are the foundation for having a better society.
If we educate women, we could break the cycle with the developing countries situation.
Don’t tell me that whatever happens in developing countries doesn’t affect us. It does.

Now I shall leave you with a video

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Rachel said...

I agree with your harp seal views and I love your blog.

PS: You got an award.

Rachel said...

Ya, that's pretty much all you have to do, write ten things about you and then pass it on to ten more, but i don't think you absolutely have to.

Neelam said...

Awesome effort to uncover what needs to be said to the world.

By Pen or By Sword said...

excellent post. May I also recommend and Great groups who do a lot for this cause. You can also read Bill Clinton's book "Giving" where he highlights the many ways great and small to improve the lives of yourself and others.


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