Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey everyone,
Today I review a new book called 'Numbers' by Rachel Ward. Now enough with the talking and lets get to the review.


They are numbers
Bloody numbers, I call them
I see them the minute I look into your eyes
It took me a while to know what these number represents
They represent your death date
I don’t want to get close to you
Because I know you only have weeks to live
I don’t want to get attached to ya
Because it will hurt when you leave me
What if I could change the date of your death?
Is that possible?
Or is it unchangeable?
Maybe the date of your death could be changed if no one can see it
I am the only one who can see the date of your death
Maybe if I die before you, you will live
Is it possible?


Ok, so after reading this book I was shocked. The ending is amazing and I can't wait for the next book in the series. 'Numbers' taught me so many things like what differences will it make if we know the date of our death? Will we try to delay it? NO. At least, I don’t think so. The book taught me not to think about the date of my death. Instead, I should feel blessed that I have another day to change something or someone or to do something good for humanity. Who knows? But I think if we know the date of death the minute we are born,  that will make our life complicated. Think about it.

The book makes you think and that’s when you know that a book is good.

The cool thing about reading this book was that the author –Rachel Ward- is British which mean the story took place in Britain. The book make you travel all the way to Britain. It made me realize that the difference between Britain's English and North America's English is not just the accent but also their usage of words is different. For example, they say 'mate' instead of 'buddy' or 'friend'. They say 'mugger' instead of 'robber'. Anyways, it was fun to know the fact that there is a slight of change in the language usage in both Britain and North America.

As always I will leave you with a video ( I am not sure if anyone of you check the videos I post, but oh well)

Tata for now

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Bere said...

Great review! I was totally shocked by the ending of the book as well, couldn't believe it. I'm excitedly waiting for the second book, I keep wondering what's next for Jem. Can't wait. I had never seen the video! Its awesome, thank you for sharing. Again, great review =)


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