Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earth Day:Tigers+Poetry


April 22 is Earth Day. On Earth day you don’t need to turn off the lights. You just have to think of the beauty of earth. One of the most beautiful things on earth are tigers. That’s why this year I decided to participate in 2010 tiger blogfest. So by now you are probably asking: what is the 2010 tiger blogfest?

"The Tiger Blogfest 2010 is a week in April where bloggers blog about the need to protect our tigers. It is an avenue for the blogging community to contribute towards protecting our national heritage."- planet of the monyets

So I decided to write something special for the tigers and since we are in April (which is well-known for poetry month), I decided to write something for tigers in a poem shape.

The fearless way you look at the enemy
It's like you own the jungle
It's like you are the king of the kingdom
Too bad you are disappearing
Your number is decreasing
Human, whom I consider as your number one enemy, enjoying hunting you down year after year
I sure will miss your orange brownish skin
The way you walk, think and plan your hunt
Kids of the future will be questioning "what is a tiger?" when they read the poem:
"Tiger, Tiger burning bright
In the forest of the night"
As if you own the jungle
As if you are the king of kingdom
You still can't do anything to stop humans from hunting you down year after year
I sure will miss the fearless way you look at your enemy.


So what do you think of my poem? Likes? Dislikes?
If you want to learn more about the 2010 tiger blogfest, go here
If you haven’t yet, please check out my last post about tigers.
Also make sure to check out this petition to protect tigers
It's never too late


Monyet King said...

lovely poem.

♥Ju Yi♥ said...

nice one.

d'enricher said...

It is "Earth day" today.

Nice posting, like the poem, although not so much into poetry. Really ... April is poetry month!

How so very true that the tiger is running out of time, as human created the problem, now it shall also be human who must solve them.

Your site is #89 on my TMIC quest of Tiger Blogfest 2010.

Keep it coming, as I learn more about our Pak Belang, hopefully others will to ... and do something about it.

Best regards

Cinta Alam Malaysia/RPB-Rakan Pak Belang

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kapil said...

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