Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father Day 2010

Thanks dad for lots of stuff
Thank you for making me like all the boyish stuff
i.e. soccer
I am literally addicted to soccer, thanks to you.
My first time watching world cup was with you at age of 10
I wish it was just soccer but also history
You always forced me to listen to the historical stories
Boring and time consuming
But really it helped with my communication and knowledge skills
People ask how you know all that history
I tell them dad told me about it 
Politics that one too
I know why Israel is formed? Why USA is strong? And why third world countries do exist?
Songs- I love listening to my generation's songs
But he always forced me to listen to the black and white songs
Of course black and white songs is full of real music
Oh yea another thing, he used to promise me and my brother an adventure
The adventure turns out to be borrowing as much books as possible from the library
Happy Father's Day J

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