Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview: Message to Venus

Today I will be featuring a new band called "Message to Venus." So without further or do here is the interview.

1.              How/when did the band started?
Jandre: A few years ago I had this project I was trying to get together, but I couldn't seem to get musicians that where on the same page as me. So right when I was about to quit the boys from “De’fekt” where recording a new album. During that time their singer left the band for personal reasons and then they called me. We recorded down some tracks to see how the chemistry worked and it’s been a great experience so far.
John: All of us are originally from Puerto Rico. We have been friends for many years now and have worked together in many past projects. When the singer from our old band decided to leave the project JuanMa, Edgar and I approached Jandre to take over the singing duties. This was back in late 2008. It worked out really well and here we are, ready to rock n' roll!
JuanMa: Like Jandre and John said in the middle of recording our 2nd album as “De’fekt” we found ourselves without a singer. Around that same time on the other side of the island (Puerto Rico), Jandre found himself without a band. Our producer, Leo Alvarez, suggested we called him and so we did... the rest, well we're still in the middle of that!
2.              What is your favorite band?
Jandre: I grew up listening to classic rock n’ roll and the blues because my dad had a band. But I’m a big fan of Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Deftones, Pantera, STP (Core album) and I also enjoy Incubus.
John: I can say that Tool is right at the top of my list.
Edgar: I would say that I admire anyone that has the courage to do music and live happy by doing what he or she does best…
JuanMa: I love so many bands/groups/artists it's difficult to give you only one name...
3.              Everyday there is a new band, how do you see yourselves different from other bands?
Jandre: Music is an art and we are the painters, we’re not trying to be different but we have a great chemistry together and we’re not trying to follow the "new trend". We’re just doing what we love to do, and that's the problem with a lot of bands nowadays they try to imitate other bands, we are not saying we’re the most original band out there but we’re not trying to sound like anyone.
John: We strongly believe in our music and are very passionate about it too. Also, we understand that the music business is a lot of hard work, so we don't have any “fairy rock n' roll tales” on our heads. We are here to work hard and do the best we can do. It's up to the fans to decide if they support us or not. So far the response has been great, but like I say, fans always have the last word. 
Edgar: In these times yes, too many bands rising and falling at the same time, the difference about us and the rest, good music, great energy and the power to tell a story beyond your imagination.
JuanMa: I have no idea… LOL!
4.              So right now the band is recording their debut album, what should we expect from it and when is the release date?
Jandre: Hopefully by the end of November, this album has so many different colors and textures; it’s going to be a very dynamic album lyrically and musically.
John: We are working very hard on this album. It’s our finest work yet. You can expect lots of energy and melody with very interesting stories. We are shooting for a release date before the end of 2010. 
Edgar: Lyrically, it is a story with a bunch of chapters that complements fiction and reality to a whole new level.
JuanMa: A good solid album with a very live feel!
5.              What are your favorite songs off your unreleased album?
Jandre: Well, not all songs are done but so far I love “The Unknown”, “Pre-Violence” and “Cold & Grey”.
John: The album will be called "Victims and Villains" and I can say that my favorite songs are "Cold & Grey", "The Unknown" and "Over and Done".  
Edgar: All of it! I like the album very much…
JuanMa: Any song that has distortion in it! :P
6.              What are "M2V" long term goals?
Jandre: World tour, studio, and a nice fucking tour bus. HAHA, well like any other bands that dream of these things, I just hope we can make it big. I love creating music; hopefully we will be together for a long time.
John: Play, play and play some more. Release our EP, "The Envelope", this summer and our debut album, "Victims and Villains", before the end of 2010. Continue gaining fans all over the world and make a decent living from our music. 
Edgar: To do what we do best, music. Be an escape for our fans and please their senses.
JuanMa: Play till our hands bleed!!!

So this was the end of the interview...

Here is a sample of their music

If you want more, you can go to their myspace page here
You can follow them on twitter here
Or you can become a fan on their facebook page here
Special thanks goes to John

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