Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Review: The Skinny On Networking

What is "Networking"?

You might tell me it's having lots and random friends on facebook or following whomever on twitter.

Well, not really.

Networking: is maximizing the power of numbers.

I learned this definition after reading a book called "The Skinny On Networking." The Skinny On are books series that I will be reviewing four of them in the near future. The first book I read was about networking but before the review, here is why The Skinny On books are different from any books in the same category.

The Skinny on are books that sends the message in a clear and interactive way to the readers. It uses sticky people to illustrate which helps the information in the book to stick in our brains. The Skinny On books are not boring unlike other books in the same field. The book uses so many references from other books and online sites.

This was the only book out of the 4 that had a slow start because at the beginning it was giving an introduction to the book and the sticky people and how they are different from us.
Ignoring the slow start, the book is excellent source of information. It contained lots of history and real life facts. In addition to that it had tools and tips on how to maximize your network. The book could be an amazing read for marketers and publicists and since I am planning to study marketing, I found it very helpful. Forgot to mention that the sticky people were so funny. See it is not boring ( I was expecting it to be boring, sorry, but it failed by expectations). In addition to that, these books were sent to be for review, so that means I will keep them forever which means I will read the book over and over again because it's that useful. No kidding.

I wonder how am I going to review the other books, if that was my least favourite out of the four and I couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. Geez.

So I am going to recall some of the stuff I learned from The Skinny On Networking:
·         When you are in a middle of a conversation, listen more than talk
·         When people ask you to do favours for them, do it because it’s a human nature that they will want to return the favour to you.
·         Try to expand your horizons and don’t wait for jobs to knock on the door.
Ok I think I should stop spoiling the book, but seriously the book is useful for our generation, the Y generation to be exact. Hint: you need a good foundation of network to find a job unless you are lucky.

Today I had my communication lecture and I was surprised when the teacher talked about networking. 

Networking is a big deal, people. I never realized that till I read The Skinny On Networking.

So that’s the end of my review. Soon I will be reviewing:

  • The skinny On Success
  • The skinny On the Art of Persuasion
  • The Skinny On  Time Management

Here is a little story that was in the book and I found online. Enjoy:

Tata for now

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