Sunday, August 1, 2010

Book Review: The Skinny On The Art of Persuasion


"The art of persuasion or in another words the art to move minds". 

How important is it to be able to convince people?And how to convince people?

Well, all the answers could be found at The Skinny On The Art of Persuasion.

Overview of the book:

The Skinny on the Art of Persuasion: How to Move Minds"Persuasion: to convince... to cause to do. From the French suadere, to urge. Great persuaders - people who can get into your brain and massage your cerebrum - wow. I mean what is more powerful than that?
The Skinny On has studied great persuaders going back hundreds of years. And we have learned that persuasiveness is an acquired skill... that there are principles, techniques and strategies that you can develop to boost your persuasive powers.
The Skinny on the Art of Persuasion is about developing the skills to move minds. In this graphic, one-hour read you'll learn how to influence the thinking of others. You'll learn skills to increase your persuasiveness and eventually, your success at whatever endeavor you pursue."
This book is not like any other book that gives you too much theory till it bores you. But instead The Skinny On The Art of Persuasion shows you techniques and tricks on how to move minds. Talking about tricks, on page 82, there is a magic trick. It shows you bunch of deck cards and you have to pick one, then the narrator of the book points at the same exact card that you choose. So interactive.

The book is so much fun by putting us, the readers, into real life situation.  The book also contains many of the information on the human ego and how we react in certain events.

The book contains lots of quotes that have deep meaning. One of the special quotes I read in  "The Skinny On The Art of Persuasion" was
"Reason is the slave to passion"- David Hume, Scottish Philosopher.
I even tweet the quote the minute I read it.

I found the book very enjoyable and readable in an hour.

The book will be interesting to people who are interested in:
·         Public relations
·         Sales
·         Marketing
·         Being able to move minds
Tata for now J

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Emily said...

Great review! I don't often see reviews for nonfiction books.


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