Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interview: Lauren Baratz-Logsted


So if you follow me on twitter, you would know by now that I had been hinting about posting an interview with an author. Well, guess who is the author for today's post. She is Lauren Baratz-Logsted the author of Crazy Beautiful. She decided to have a blog tour but in a different way. You might ask me what is the different way? Well, instead of asking Lauren Baratz-Logsted all the questions that I could think of, I am only limited to a one question. Its funny because I sent her 5 questions (I mean come on, it was my very first author interview and I was excited for it) but she picked the best and answered it.

The Education of BetLauren Baratz-Logsted  released her latest book called THE EDUCATION OF BET on July 12, 2010. Make sure to check it out.

Now without further or due, read the one question-interview.

What should we expect from the author, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, in the future?
The immediate future for me would be the rest of 2010. On August 31, Bloomsbury will publish my next YA novel, THE TWIN'S DAUGHTER. It's a dark suspense novel set in Victorian England about a teenage girl who discovers that her gorgeous society mother has an identical twin who was raised in the workhouse. Then on October 12, the sixth book in The Sisters 8 series for young readers aged 6-10, PETAL'S PROBLEMS will be published. In terms of the longer-range future, meaning beyond the end of this year, you can expect that I'll keep writing, always stretching myself as a writer in terms of style or genre or age group and hopefully entertaining the reader in the process.

So that was the end of the interview.

Make sure to catch Lauren Baratz-Logsted next tour stop at Bookshipper where answers the following question:

Where do you see the publishing industry/world in 5 years? 

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