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Book Review: Posing As Ashley


Today I shall review a book titled "Posing as Ashley" by Kimberly Joy Peters.

Why does the modeling industry exist?

Release Date: Sept. 30th 2008
Publisher: Lobster Press 
Source: Library
Book Series: Book 1
The description of the book: 
Sixteen-year-old Ashley has always been an overachiever, eager to please everyone (especially her mother, who is battling cancer). Her grades are high, her boyfriend is gorgeous, and she is beautiful. Ashley also has a big heart, particularly when it comes to animals, and she serves that passion by volunteering at the local animal shelter. It is there that she gets "discovered" by a client and, faced with the unexpected opportunity, Ashley decides to give professional modeling a try. One more responsibility to balance in an already demanding life, but it's something she's always dreamed of doing. 
Just as she enters the competitive and hypercritical world of fashion, parental pressures mount (her mother supports her modeling, her father does not) and her long term relationship with Brandon crumbles. Ashley makes the difficult decision to persevere with this new career, telling herself, "... if I couldn't make Brandon love me, I was going to make the world love the idea of me." As she tries to navigate the catty world of modeling wannabes, she is selected for an ad campaign that glamorizes fur – something she is utterly opposed to. Forced to choose between two passions, Ashley discovers that getting what you want isn't nearly as important as finding out who you really are. 

My review:

Posing as Ashley is a cute, quick novel with meaning. It is about Ashley who is smart and beautiful. She decides to be a model to make money for stuff like college. But we all know that the modeling career is not that easy to get into.

What I really liked about this book was that it showed me how is it like to be a model. There were so many modeling tips that made me wonder why this industry does even exist.  

Also, this book opens the door to many struggles teen models face like eating disorder and –as I like to call it- wearing disorder. There are teens and pre-teens out there who are asked to be older than they should be. In opinion, this is so wrong to even exist in this industry or any other industry. For example, in this book there is a character that is 14 years old and she modeled as a bride for a magazine. Do you see what I am talking about? It's distrusting and sad.

In addition to that this book discusses other problems that many teens face; like separation of parents, illness and loss.

Thanks to this book for opening my eyes on so many great topics. And I can't wait to read the next book.

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