Thursday, March 3, 2011

Discussion: Vampire Gender Roles (2)


Do you remember our vampire discussion?

Today I will be getting further into the discussion by discussing the gender roles of vampires.

Twilight was a phenomenon because Edward was stronge and bella was weak.  Edward protected Bella when needed. But bella was stronger because Edward cant resist the smell of her blood (whatever that means). What I am trying to say is the following:
·         Female strength is in her weakness
·         Male weakness is in his strength

This is exactly what I love about twilight is that gender roles are defined indirectly. I like that way. Its how it should be. The same thing applies for 'The Vampire Diaries'

But when I read a book where a female character is a vampire and the male is a human. The female vampire is stronger than the male human. She protects him. She looks after him. I truly get disgusted. Because that’s not how it should be. I started reading a book like that and I couldn’t finish it for a year now. Trust me I tried twice to finish it.

But to be fair I read Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel and it was a female vampire who falls in love with a male human. But when she fell in love with him, she was human too with a 500 years of experience in the vampire world. That sort of changed my mind towards female vampires. But I wonder what book 2 will hold for me.

Therefore, I don’t think I will read any more books where the main character is a female vampire because it doesn’t reflect my opinion with gender roles.

What do you think? Leave me a comment or a question and I will address it next time.   


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