Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Review: Socialnomics


Today I shall review a book titled "SocialNomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business" by Erik Qualman. I read the revised and updated version.

The description of the book:
A fascinating, research-based look at the impact of social media on businesses and consumers around the world, and what's in store for the future 
Social Media. 

You've heard the term, even if you don't use the tools. But just how big has social media become? Social media has officially surpassed pornography as the top activity on the Internet. People would rather give up their e-mail than their social network. It is so powerful that it is causing a macro shift in the way we live and conduct business.

Brands can now be strengthened or destroyed by the use of social media. Online networking sites are being used as giant, free focus groups. Advertising is less effective at influencing consumers than the opinions of their peers. If you aren't using social media in your business strategy, you are already behind your competition.

My review:

Twitter, facebook, blogging, where is this all taking us? How could we take an advantage of this new inexpensive opportunity to expand business, market, awareness (you know name it).

Social media had become a huge part of my life and many others. Therefore it is a great marketing opportunity for all businesses (because of reach and exposure). But since it is a new medium, businesses are wondering how to use this medium. This book helps all businesses to put their first footsteps on social media successfully. It is a guideline on how to create a social media campaign. The book offers some social media campaigns of well-known companies and the results of it.   For companies that believe social media is a fad, the author does a great job convincing these companies of the importance of advertising on social media.

One of the topics in this book that caught my attention was how he predicts the future of publishing companies and books. According to Erik Qualman, there will be "advertising via hyperlink placements within e-books."  How exciting? That will draw more people into reading e-books. Now, I don’t know if the hyperlinks are already taking place since I don’t read e-books.  

Towards the end of the book, Erik Qualman, creates a list of people who are must-be-followed on twitter. Most of them are tech-savvy, authors and basically are successful in the social media world. Personally, I prefer recommendations in books to continue my education and learning on social media and this whole new world.

We all use it but not learn it.

I recommend this book for the following people:
·         Marketers
·         Tweeps
·         Bloggers
·         Fan page operators on Facebook
·         Teachers
·         Business owners
·         And YOU!
I seriously did enjoy this book. It was written in a very simple language for everyone to understand and it made social media so much interesting because it is in real life. And for someone who eats and breath social media, this book was so informative and opened the doors on new, fresh trends and information that I never knew of from before.

Make sure to follow Erik Qualman @equalman

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