Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plum Rewards Program


Today I shall introduce to you a new rewarding program in Canada.

I was browsing books at Coles (a bookstore) today, when I found a purple banners. 

The first thing that caught my attention was "Join for Free". I asked one of the staff for more info. She was kind enough to tell me what this purple banner is all about.

It is a new rewarding program called "Plum Rewards" offered at the following stores across Canada:

·         Chapters
·         !ndigo
·         COLES
This is how the rewarding system works:

Every time your purchase a book, magazine, basically anything from the above listed stores, you get points. With these points, you can then redeem it for in-store savings.

You earn 10 plum points for every dollar spent at the above listed stores.

You can earn bonus points on certain books. Like right now, you can gain more points if you purchase "The Gathering" by Kelly Armstrong and "City of Angels" by Cassandra Clare.  

This table illustrates the points required and its reward value:

Points Required
Reward Value
4,500 pts
8,500 pts
20,000 pts
35,000 pts

The process to be part of this program is so easy. The cashier at COLES just asked for my name and email and she gave me a card. Then they send you an email, asking you to update your profile which in return, you earn 400 points. Epic, right?

I am so excited for this new program and I can't wait to collect points. I can't wait to get 35,000 points.

So tell me are you going to join this new rewarding program?


Trish said...

Any clue how much 1 point is worth? 1$?

basma aal said...

As mentioned in the post, You earn 10 plum points for every dollar spent at the above listed stores


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