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Red Glove by Holly Black

Red Glove by Holly black

Release Date: April 5th 2011
Publisher: Simon Schuster 
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 325
Source: Library

Series: Book 2 
Curses and cons. Magic and the mob. In Cassel Sharpe's world, they go together. Cassel always thought he was an ordinary guy, until he realized his memories were being manipulated by his brothers. Now he knows the truth—he’s the most powerful curse worker around. A touch of his hand can transform anything—or anyone—into something else.

That was how Lila, the girl he loved, became a white cat. Cassel was tricked into thinking he killed her, when actually he tried to save her. Now that she's human again, he should be overjoyed. Trouble is, Lila's been cursed to love him, a little gift from his emotion worker mom. And if Lila's love is as phony as Cassel's made-up memories, then he can't believe anything she says or does.

When Cassel's oldest brother is murdered, the Feds recruit Cassel to help make sense of the only clue—crime-scene images of a woman in red gloves. But the mob is after Cassel too—they know how valuable he could be to them. Cassel is going to have to stay one step ahead of both sides just to survive. But where can he turn when he can't trust anyone—least of all, himself?

Love is a curse and the con is the only answer in a game too dangerous to lose

From where should I start.

From the awesomeness of the writing or the realistic characters or what exactly.
Red glove didn’t fail my expectations; in fact, it was better than white cat. Ok, so I don’t mean to compare the two books but Holly Black did an amazing job building the curse workers world in book 2. In book 2, the characters were more defined. We got to see more of Lila who is considered one of my favorite female character in the YA world. She is very in dependable and strong but there was a lack of these characteristics in book 2 because she is cursed to love Cassel. Therefore, she is strong in front of others but not with Cassel. And now since Cassel knows for sure that she doesn’t love him for real, he is in agony. He can't be with or without her. Holly Black did an amazing job making me feel Cassel's pain and feel sorry for him.  

In Red Glove, Cassel is more mature and aware of the mysterious world that he is part of. And my favorite part was when Cassel had become familiar with his curse and he uses it more often in Red Glove (which adds to the fun to the storyline).

There is no debate when it comes to the beautiful writing of Holly Black. Anyone who decides to read her books, must know that they will be taken to a breathless journey. Talking about breathless journeys, this series continues with the third book which will be titled Black Heart. All I can finally say is " I cant wait for Book 3"

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