Monday, April 2, 2012

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Release Date: February 21st 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 341 pages
Source: Library
Series: 2

Fever wasn’t really a book, wasn’t really a novel, wasn’t really what I expected.

It was a piece of art!!! ART!

Haha. I got you there. You know, I made you think that I hated this book but BAM, I actually loved, loved it. but really I felt like I was reading poetry and let me tell you that’s a good thing. Probably fever will be among my favorite books of 2012, just like Wither was.

What I really like about Lauren's style is that she has a style that defines her. If this book had no author name written on it, I would have known it was her book anyways.

Her writing is so unique and the storyline of Fever is magical.

And am I allowed to say that I enjoyed Fever more than Wither? Am I?

Maybe it's because I read Wither during my summer courses, it was my favorite way to escape the lecture that went on for 3 years hours. So the teacher's voice was always in the background. But Fever, had a different taste to it. Because as a reader you got to travel and see a new world via Rhine's eyes.

Rhine is just so poor but strong and amazing. And lots of stuff.

And I promise you that you will be gasping, especially towards the end. 

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